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Co-Creation Platform for the Future of Shoes

Co-Creation Platform for the Future of Shoes

Up to today, it's been natural to use hands for man-machine interface. Now we will focus on feet that have fostered the evolution of the human race. People stand on their own feet, sit down, and walk in shoes. However, until now it was not easy to quickly collect their movement by using sensors to visualize and analyze their status. We are creating a new platform to make the best of data from feet, along with our co-creation partners, and will be exploring a new relationship between man and machine.

The behavior API provides various information about actions such as walking, running, and dancing, accelerating new service development.

Knowledge-oriented data analysis automatically analyzes the large amount of data obtained from the shoes by using machine learning, retrieving action characteristics as knowlegde.


The future of shoes, "one jump ahead"

It is now being said that with the current progress of technology, artificial intelligence will pass beyond the ability of humans by 2045. 
We are looking toward this future to redefine the relationship between humans and technology,
enrich our daily lives and enhance our town environment.

  • Health care beginning with our feet

    By instantaneously clarifying the relationships between the gait of patients with diseases of the internal organs and the brain and health care, remediation measures might be discovered.

  • Supporting the things we like from the feet

    Making your life richer with your feet. For those who love to dance, quickly judge and improve the level of your steps.

  • Town development from the daily gathering of data

    Data collected from shoes daily can help to improve the safety and convenience of roads and facilities, leading town environments more livable for everyone.


Sensor System

Information on foot movement, pressure, flexion, etc. is collected from the shoes by sensors and,
by transmitting wirelessly to a smartphone, can be made utilized in various applications.
In the future, wireless charging will also be possible.

  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Bending sensor
  • Temperature-humidity sensor
  • 9-axis Sensor
  • Pressure sensor
  • Atmospheric pressure sensor


SXSW 2016-2017 Trade Show & Fujitsu Forum2016-2017 TOKYO
2017.03.12-15 & 2017.05.19
2016.03.13-16 & 2016.05.20
*This event was closed. We will announce next exhibition as it is decided.

Fujitsu's "interactive shoes hub" will promote the co-creation both of engineers around the world and the future of shoes. At the exhibition, you can experience the utilization examples and applications developed not only by Fujitsu but also by our co-creation partners Kobe University, SnowRobin, and Keio University.

Interactive Shoes Experience

Interactive Shoes Experience
An interactive exhibition corner where visitors can experience the features of the "interactive shoes hub" platform which will co-create the future of shoes. By wearing the interactive shoes, one's body movement becomes visible and state of expanded senses can be experienced interactively by the resonance of graphics and sound. The new user experiences and services brought about by this platform can also be viewed in a concept movie More info

Shoes Data Analysis by FUJITSU
The shoes platform analyzes sensor signals and gives meaning to them. By using this platform, wearer's actions and health conditions can be easily understood without need for complex calculation. Our prototype shows actions such as "walking" , "standing" and so on together with the time and place.

Pa-League Walk by SnowRobin
Let's Walk to Win !!
Nippon Professional Baseball League Pacific League official app "Pacific League Walk"
Pa-League Walk is an app which counts and keep your daily walking data in the cloud. Fans of any particular team in the Pa-League* can utilize their own walking data as their cheer-up points during each game. The battle between two groups of fans is displayed on Pa-League's official web site and your smartphone in real-time and visualizes how excited fans become. By such gamification tricks, Pa-League Walk will motivate to walk and increase users' sense of involvement of games and being a fan of the team.
*Pa-League: Pacific League, one of the two Japanese professional baseball leagues

More info

《STEP》 is the shoe that lets you feel Virtual Reality through your feet. Embedded tactile actuators and sensors in the shoe transmit various haptic sensations in response to your foot movement. Manipulating the strength and rhythm of the actuators allows to simulate, for instance, a range of terrain texture depending on foot pressure against ground.
《STEP》gives you an immersive experience in game, music and sports fields through haptic sensation. Enjoy the addition of “foot sensation” like never before.


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